Dr. Kevin Kisich is an over-educated visionary currently engaged in a pivot from biomedical research to saving the world. He has served in the Air Force, performed services to the intelligence community as a translator, intelligence analyst, and ditch digger. 

He has also spent a great deal of time in biomedical research laboratories trying to understand what all those smart people were talking about. Along the way, he helped invent some new vaccines, and novel antibacterial drugs. Based on that work, various government agencies from time to time ask him questions about things related to how bad people might use white powders to take over the world. Dr. Kisich charges such agencies as much as they will pay, and then makes up plausible answers. If you are in the market for plausible-sounding answers, and have an approved budget, you may wish to send a message.

Dr. Kisich’s current efforts at reclaiming trees and creating useful things are part of a long term project to create a profitable, distributed, and climate friendly business system for carbon sequestration. These efforts also serve as an outlet for his “inner frustrated artist”.