Dining tables, seating, and sideboards are important to a functioning home. It is traditionally where the family gathers for meals. Proper design to create the right size, shape, and color for the dining are, whether dedicated or a shared part of the kitchen can form a natural focal point for gathering.

Much of the seating and most of the dining tables available on “furniture row” last about five years. After that they end up in a landfill, or on the sidewalk marked “Free”. We design and build dining and seating so that the next generation will argue about who gets it. Designs, beginning with the trees, working with the shapes provided, allow us to create compositions in color, grain, and shape that draw the eye and encourage family members to linger over a meal.

Those few extra moments when Junior might actually remember to pull the field trip permission slip out of his backpack, so you can sign it today, rather than rushing down to the school tomorrow morning when he is the last kid holding up the bus.