Dining Tables

Our dining tables are usually made from the center cuts of the tree trunk, so that the rings can be counted back in time to when the tree started growing. Most of the pieces in this selection are accented with local black walnut, which makes a beautiful contrast to the light-colored cottonwood.

Note carefully that the unique shape of each table is determined by the shape of the tree from which it came. Tables of similar size and price can be purchased at stores in the local malls, but generally they are made from many small pieces of wood, and shipped from Malaysia or China. Our table tops are generally made from single, large pieces of wood cut from the largest and oldest trees. As such, you will see that these pieces of furniture are substantial, made from rare and precious material.

If you strive to serve your family sustainably harvested, organic meals, our sustainably harvested, organic dining tables are the perfect place to gather for dinner.


Large table in elm and black walnut
Dining table in ash and black walnut
Small table in reclaimed olive wood
Dining table in reclaimed black walnut