Home is where we would like to have the best portions of life occur. A place where our personal style and taste can be front and center, and where our unscripted moments tend to happen. Working with reclaimed wood requires us to remember that if there is a script, we had little to do with writing it! The life and times of the tree that comes to us for crafting are written in the wood grain and branches. With skill the story written in that wood can become knitted together with the story of life at home.

Flowing lines of wood, and warm rich colors combine well with other materials in the home to create a palette which inspires feelings of comfort and safety. Relative to stone, steel, or plastic wooden surfaces are inherently antimicrobial.

The palette of wood colors, shapes, and sizes we have available allows us to create designs which are simply out of reach for most makers. The extensive library we may choose from permits us to choose a “grown” solution which naturally fits many design challenges. We need not search forests of the entire world for these shapes and colors, as they grow within our own urban forest. When the trees die, or become too damaged from fire, or storms to be safe, we prepare them for use in our local homes. We believe it makes good sense to use what we have freely available in our local environment before reaching out to some wine else’s rainforest on the other side of the planet.